Deeper Weekend 2015

What you’ll need for this weekend:
  • a good attitude
  • your Bible if you have one
  • clothing (remember we’ll be working/serving/
    possibly painting on Saturday, & we’ll be wearing
    our Deeper Weekend Shirts to service on Sunday morning)
  • towels/washcloth/toiletries (DEODORANT/SHAMPOO/ETC)
  • sleeping bag/pillow
  • respect for your host home, small group leaders, and yourself
DEEPER WEEKEND 2015 tentative schedule
6:30-7:30 pm        registration (pizza available after registration is complete)
7:30 pm               service with Music (I Am Spartacus) & Ray Brawner
830/9:30 pm        Game Time Sports
10:30 pm             head to host homes
breakfast at host homes
8:30 am                    arrive at Grace for devotional led by a student
9:15 am                     make sack lunches
9:45 am                  head to work projects
Noon                         lunch on site
12:45-4:00 pm    serving continues
4:00 pm                     head back to host homes for clean up
6:30 pm                     dinner at Grace, time of sharing
7:30 pm                     service with Music (I Am Spartacus) & Derek Whitten
8:30/9:30 pm      Archery Tag/9 Square/GaGa
10:30/11 pm       head back to host homes
10:15 am            arrive at Grace for breakfast, Room 23 wearing your
Deeper Weekend shirt
10:35 am            head down to Family Life Center for 10:45 am service
12:00 pm            head home after service